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Young people using the Asset Based Community Development approach to help empower communities into action.

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Asset-based community development (ABCD) is a methodology for the sustainable development of communities based on their strengths and potentials.


If I don’t like school

Love Education. Just Not In School.

Conventional education isn’t for everyone. Some young people thrive in alternative environments, and by being taught in ways that allow them to see what impact their actions have on both themselves and their community.


We recognize the contributions young people can make to our communities. Therefore, we aim to support young people in overcoming the barriers they face in regards to education and employment.


Our vision is to enable young people to take an active role in developing and achieving their own potential. By introducing them to alternative ways of learning, they can go on to apprenticeships, employment, or further education. 


If we wouldn’t like the young people in own our families to be supported in any particular way, then we wouldn’t support our clients in that way. In short, we view the young people we work with as family. 

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"I need to stay in Education, but I don't want to stay in school?"
"What can I do between 16 and 18 if I don't like school?"
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